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Hear from clients themselves about what it's like working with SBS Coaching!

Last year, I worked with Shoshana to help me navigate my job search after a multi-year employment gap. Shoshana helped me with each step of the process -helping develop my professional narrative, edit my resume, draft a compelling cover letter, and practice for key interview questions. After a short time working together, I landed a dream job which aligned with my passions and skills.  A month ago, when I was recommended for an exciting opportunity and sudden interview, Shoshana again helped me update my resume and coached me through the interview process. I got another offer for an opportunity that more than doubled my salary from when I first started working with Shoshana.


Throughout our time working together, Shoshana made an intentional effort to get to know me both personally and professionally. She is talented, intelligent and strategic with her career coaching approach and takes the time to really understand your motivations, interests and skills in order to best help you succeed. Shoshana has continuously helped me navigate, prepare for and coach me through transitioning careers, and I highly recommend working with her. She is a wonderful, intelligent, kind and supportive person. I am very grateful for her support and guidance.

Development Associate, Syracuse University

Working with Shoshana on my resume has been one of the best decisions I've made. I cannot recommend her enough! Upon reaching out, we scheduled a meeting to walk through my career goals. Shoshana actively took my resume and placed it in a new format to help support my career transition goals and connect the dots on my transferrable skills. She went ever further to recommend additional material to learn about the new role I was seeking. She re-reviewed my resume after making suggested changes and continued to provide value-added feedback. I have been though several resume review workshops, sometimes even working with HR professionals, and my session with Shoshana has easily been one of the most value-added. I've gained more in this session that I ever have before, and plan to take her feedback into future roles I apply for.

VP, JP Morgan

I highly recommend working with Shoshana for your career coaching needs! Shoshana was instrumental in helping structure, develop, and tell my career story through my resume. Even more importantly, she helped create my "interviewee" identity. She was able to evaluate my resume from both macro and micro levels and hone in on important elements to showcase, while identifying superfluous elements and formatting missteps that could influence hiring managers' consideration of my candidacy. On several occasions since working with Shoshana, I've had friends preview my resume with high admiration, and ask for it to use as a template. I am so grateful to Shoshana for her advice, insights, and unique perspective. Her service and expertise will always be my first consideration for my career coaching needs.

Senior Manager, UM Worldwide

I highly recommend working with Shoshana on your resume and LinkedIn profile. I have the work experience and certifications needed for my industry, but I was struggling to showcase my background and skill-set for my specific roles of interest. We worked together closely for 3 different sessions where she helped me understand the various sections of the LinkedIn profile and how to make the narrative not only more impactful but also more personal and honest. The learnings I received from these sessions will stay with me for many future applications. I am really happy to share that I feel way more confident with my resume and LinkedIn profile now after working with Shoshana.

Scrum Master, Freddie Mac

Shoshana helped me through the MBA application process. I have a strong professional background, but one that is overrepresented in the applicant pool. We worked closely together to help me reflect and understand the parts of my background and experience that could be used to create a unique, compelling narrative. Shoshana encouraged me through studying for the GMAT and helped edit and refine my written work for my application. She also helped me prepare for my MBA interviews when I got my invites. Her feedback was precise and thoughtful and elevated my submission and candidacy. I would certainly recommend working with Shoshana!

VP, BlackRock

Hands down, Shoshana was the best, most effective coach I have ever worked with. She helped me with the entire internship search process, including developing a strong resume, building a reusable cover letter, and upgrading my LinkedIn presence. She also guided me in developing an internship application strategy and preparing for interviews. What was most helpful was her guidance in creating an authentic and impressive storyline of my experiences, which stayed consistent in all of my submissions and helped me create a compelling narrative for my interviews. After working with Shoshana for two months, I landed a remarkable marketing internship, and for the first time ever, felt confident and excited to apply to and interview for my dream positions.

Undergraduate Student, Yeshiva University

I can say unequivocally that Shoshana has the ultimate combination of skills and smarts. She’s ambitious yet careful and detailed. She’s hyper-organized and always has a plentiful list of questions and topics to discuss. What stuck out to me the most was the passion that she puts into her work. It’s truly an extension of herself and she makes sure that every detail is spectacular as she puts her heart and soul into every person she works with.

Consultant, Accenture

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